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Website Design & Development
Print & Pixel will produce site maps, web copy, 3-D animation, digital photography and interactive web marketing using the latest advances in web technology in order to present your business in the best possible light. A few of the Web Design and Development projects that Print and Pixel can do for you are as follows: Websites, HTML Email, e-Marketing, Newsletters. Go To Website Examples >>

Web Application Development
From webmail to wikis, Print & Pixel can create a webapp for your company that can be accessed via web browser at anytime or anywhere using browser-supported (client-side) languages, as well as server-side technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, Java, ASP, AJAX, Flash, DHTML, etc. Go To Web App Example >>

Search Engine Optimization
Print & Pixel provides integrated Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services that draw more visitors to a web site, reach more potential customers and generate more leads. This is accomplished through Keyword/ Key Phrase research, competitive research, inbound link inclusion, on-page optimization (title tags, H tags, etc), and use of CSS2 and Section 508 compliance standards.

Content Management
Print & Pixel enables a user with little or no knowledge of programming or markup languages to create and manage content on their websites by using Adobe Contribute.

Consulting & Technical Support
Print & Pixel will meet with you to gather your requirements, design and develop you website, provide hosting, set up your emails, register your domain name, re-point your DNS, and troubleshoot your technical problems.

HTML Email & Newsletters
Newsletters are the best way to stay in touch with your perspective and current clients while promoting new products and services. Go To Email / Newsletter Examples >>


Flash Animation/ActionScript
Print & Pixel can add animation and interactivity to web pages using the popular method, Adobe Flash. Flash is commonly used to create animation, advertisements, and various web page components, to integrate video into web pages, and more recently, to develop rich Internet applications. Go To Flash Animation Examples >>

Presentation Authoring
Print & Pixel can create new PowerPoint slide presentations or gives clients' old presentations a makeover. We can integrate audio and video, procure images, create custom diagrams, charts, tables and create PowerPoint animations. Using tools like Camtasia, your corporate presentation or training demo can be transformed into a screencast. Go To Presentation Examples >>

Interactive Multimedia
Internet media is special because it allows interactive communication with your audience. Print & Pixel can create this online, interactive, multi-sensory experience for your next website, presentation or promotional/informational CD using various multimedia authoring (Adobe Flash & Director), photo(PhotoShop), video (Adobe Premiere) and audio editing (SoundForge) programs. Go To Multimedia Examples >>

3D Modeling
Print & Pixel can produce dynamic, compelling 3-D animation pieces that will enrich and improve the look and feel of your marketing. Go To 3D Modeling Examples >>


Logo Design & Corporate Identity
To make a good first impression, your corporate identity has to be strategically positioned for your audience and consistently applied throughout every marketing component. Print & Pixel can do this for your company by creating a customized logo, tagline, trademarks, stationery packages, signage and identity guidelines. Go To Logo Design & Corporate Identity Examples >>

Illustrations/Photo Collages
Print & Pixel can sell your company, product, or service with innovative digital illustrations and photo Collages that will give your business a visual advantage over the others. Customized artwork can be created for various industries (medical, scientific, architectural, technical, etc.) and is suitable for a variety of advertising and marketing applications (corporate logo design, professional website design and development, corporate video production, brochures, business cards, sell sheets, CD-ROMs, DVDs). Go To Illustration & Photography Examples >>

POP Displays & Packaging
Packaging and package labeling have several objectives. Packaging contains, protects, preserves, transports, informs, and sells. Print & Pixel and create the right packaging for your product. Go To POP Display & Packaging Examples >>

Collateral & Print Advertising
A compelling print ad can spark interest in, and traffic to, your company's web site. So print advertising still has its place in a comprehensive marketing communications program. Catalogs, selection guides and corporate brochures still serve as valuable and convenient selling tools that your sales force can utilize in face-to-face customer presentations and as leave behinds. A few of the collateral pieces that Print and Pixel can do for you are as follows: Marketing Brochures, Sellsheets, Datasheets, Pocket Folders, Presentations, Success Stories, Channel Salekits, Packaging Design, Online Media Planning. Go To Print Examples >>

Graphic Design
From designing traditional advertising pieces such as print ads, brochures, and catalogs, to producing interactive new media collateral, Print and Pixel focuses on clearly delivering your message, your brand, and your product.




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